Cutting The Cheese: Why You Need A Professional DJ

Most of the Brides or Grooms we speak with at meetings, over the phone and by email seem to have one common concern about their wedding DJ, and that is, “We Do NOT Want a CHEESY DJ!!!”

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So, if that’s truly the case, I wonder why so many DJ companies still present themselves as the same old Cheesy, bad joke telling guys forcing you to endure an overkill of personality with silly props and flashy lights and 80′s costume jewelry. I suppose it stands to reason why our company is doing so well, because simply put, we are not cheesy. We’re a group of regular people with a passion for music, a high level of experience in providing a top level DJ/Emcee service for our clients, especially Brides & Grooms and their families, on one of the most important days in their lives.

I say we’re regular people, and I mean that we don’t have to dress in costumes, wear makeup and flashy jewelry, tell jokes with horrible punch lines, or sell you stuff you don’t need. We develop packages and upgrades that will help you maintain the look and atmosphere that you want, and we won’t force you to spend money on the things that cheese up your wedding.

When our DJ’s are in front of all of your friends and family, we look our best, always well groomed and wearing the attire that is appropriate for the formality of your event. Let’s face it, if your wedding is in a garden or outdoor location, it should have a more romantic, elegant yet relaxed, fun, and even perhaps a rustic appeal.

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If you read our reviews online or talk with any of our preferred vendors who consistently refer us, you’ll find that we are considered the cream of the crop and the top choice for the “modern” Bride and Groom. I believe people are far more savvy today, and we don’t need cheapness and cheese to entertain us. Sometimes I think our competition think they need that cheesy DJ appeal to be fun, but I completely disagree and argue that our DJs and others like us make weddings extremely fun by utilizing other ways to entertain people, and the Emcee is there to facilitate the event in a professional, fun and friendly way, without being a wannabe game show host, or a failed comedian. We promise not to grab your mother in law and force her to dance with the DJ.

We promise to run your event with precision, to execute the timeline efficiently without ever forcing it or being rude and pushy to you and your guests. We guarantee that if you give us the opportunity to work with you and allow us to do what we do best, your guests will dance the night away, and they’ll have the time of their lives all night long without having to endure the Macarena and some DJ giving dance lessons in the middle of your event. Your guests will never want the party to end, but when it does, they’ll tell you how amazing it was for years to come.

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Our overall style is not the DJ who gets on the mic every five minutes for announcements like “ALLLLRIIIGHT EVERYBODY let’s hear it for the SALAD COURSE!! Up next, the ENTREEEEEEE!” “Now let’s all do the YMCA!!!”. At the end of the day, your wedding DJ should be someone who makes you comfortable, who you’re confident in his/her ability to execute as they say they can and as you wish, and who will look great and present themselves well in front of everyone on your most special day.